Frequently asked questions

Color and lightening

I had a bad experience with bleach before. Can I go blonde without using it?

I am so sorry that you had a bad experience before! Often, bleach (lightener) causes damage to hair because it is improperly used. It could have been left on to long, overlapped on hair that was previously lightened, placed under heat or multiple applications done to close together. There are many ways to protect the integrity of your hair. If your hair is very dark, it will be a process if you want to be very blonde. I often recommend taking it blonder each visit and using Olaplex in betweent visits to build the integrity back up.

I have been using black box dye on my hair for years. Can I still get blonde highlights?

The health of your hair always needs to be taken into consideration, but usually yes. They will be a warm, darker blonde or lighter brown rather than an icy platinum blonde. But they can be taken lighter over time.


What types of extensions do you offer?

I am certified in beaded, tape in and fusions. I offer tape ins and fusions. I am able to remove and maintain existing bead extensions, but I no longer install them new. They are not my preferred method, and offer very little benefits.