Prices are all starting and may go up, depending on condition of the hair and desired goal. All color services include a gloss or glaze, Olaplex treatment, haircut and blowdry. Maintaining these looks can be easier than you think! All prices are starting prices and may go up depending on length, density and desired look. Pricing on the maintenance services will never be as high as the initial investment.


Couture Color-beyond the basic root application. Think shadow roots, shifting tones, colormelts, multi-dimensional, shiny, and super conditioned. These looks can be achieved by using two or more different colors, adding balayage or various highlighting techniques.​  

Come see me every six weeks to maintain your look

1st appointment-full color service

2nd appointment-retouch

3rd appointment-retouch

4th appointment-retouch, treatment and glaze

5th appointment-retouch

6th appointment-retouch

7th appointment-full color service 

Pricing: $130+

Maintenance: $90+

Image by Caleb George

Balayage-hand painted highlights that create dimension and movement.

A technique designed to mimic how hair is naturally lightened by the sun,

it offers a seamless, graceful grow out. Maintain your effortless look by

coming in too see me every 8 weeks.

1st appointment-full balayage service

2nd appoinment-treat, tone, trim and style

3rd appointment-do a partial retouch on the blonde 

4th appointment-treat, tone, trim and style

5th appointment-treat, tone,trim and style

6th appointment-full touch up of balayage


Maintenance: $75+

Image by Toa Heftiba

Babylights-a micro weave and a lot more foils for a blended, more all over blonde look. Often balayage and babylights are done together for a beautifully blended, natural blonde full of dimension and movement. Maintain by coming in to see me every 6 weeks.

1st appointment-full head of babylights

2nd appointment-trim, treat and tone

3rd appointment-partial retouch of babylights

4th appointment-trim, treat and tone 

5th appointment-trim, treat and tone

6th visit-full retouch on babylights


Maintenance:$ 75+