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Hair Rehab: Bring it back from the brink

March 22, 2018



So, your ends are fried. You passed the flat iron over those ends one to many times. Or maybe you couldn't wait to get into see your stylist, and thought "how bad can box color really be?" Or your hair has always just been so fragile, it just breaks off no matter what you do or don't do. Or you did what I did and highlighted, then colored over them, then highlighted again, rinse and repeat. We all have our hair vices, and stylists are no different. 


So now what? Is there a way to bring life back to dead hair? Yes, as a matter of fact, there is. It is possible to bring hair back from the brink. Now, if your hair is really past the point of no return, there isn't anything you can do besides the big chop and start over. How do you know if this is you? If your hair stretches like bubblegum when wet, feels like mush, is just snapping off,or is extremely dry or brittle, it's time to make like Elsa and just let it go. You aren't doing yourself or your hair any favors by hanging onto it. I know, it's hard to give up on years of growing it out, but repeat after me: It will grow back. It will be healthy and beautiful because I will take care of it. It will grow back. 


If your hair just needs some love to whip it back into shape, you're in luck. In the last few years, a new product called Olaplex has entered the market and made what was impossible before possible. Before all that could really be done was treat the symptoms of damage, not the cause. When we color, lighten, brush, or heat style, damage is happening. Those bonds that hold the hair together are being damaged and broken. This is what causes your hair to just snap off, lose elasticity, moisture and shine. It can also make it difficult, if not impossible, to hold onto color. What Olaplex does is seeks out those broken bonds and relinks them. It creates an artificial bridge and puts the hair back together. This results in stronger, healthier hair. The effects are permanent-until those bonds break down again. But if you continue to use it, the bonds will stay intact and your hair will stay healthy! Genius, right?


So, by now you are wondering how this all works and how it can bring your hair back to life. Let's break down the technical and science of it a little.There are three steps to it.  First two steps are done in the salon. Step one is the magic ingredient concentrated. This goes directly into your color and lightener when getting these services in the salon. Color and lightener break the bonds of the hair to do their job. The Olaplex is mitagating the damage being done. It is following behind the chemical process and is cross linking those bonds back together. Once everything is rinsed and shampooed out, the second step is applied and can do it's work unopposed. It is just going in and finding more bonds to link back up. The third step you will take home and apply once a week or so.  Both steps two and three are in a creamy base, but they are not conditioners. It goes inside the hair to create multiple bonds to strengthen the hair. Conditioners sit on top of the hair and seal the cuticle down to smooth and soften hair. Moisture and protein are separate issues and will be addressed as needed.  


So how does this translate into noticeable results? You will begin to see less and less breakage. This results in fuller, thicker hair. Your hair will better be able to hold onto color, so you will notice less fading and your color will be richer and more vibrant. Your hair will be less porous, so it will reap the benefits from  conditioners, lotions, serums and other styling aids you use. I have seen and felt the difference in my own hair as well as my guests hair. 


Are you excited to try this groundbreaking treatment? Tell me in the comment section below what your biggest hair vice is, and get hooked up with a free mini treatment next time your in the salon! Xoxo.



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