We have a responsibility to the health of our planet, but that doesn't mean we have to sacrifice what makes us feel and look beautiful. Many companies are recognizing the need to have a low impact on the environment and are making much needed changes to do their part in preserving the health of  our planet. They are changing to renewable power sources, harvesting ingredients responsibly and ethically, cutting out ingredients that are toxic to you and the environment, and donating portions of their proceeds to fighting climate change and saving our rain forests.  

Aluram-vegan haircare products that said no to things like gluten, parabens, heavy metal and animal testing. So, what did make the cut? Coconut water and oil(yep, that magic oil that everyone was practically bathing in a few years ago), all kinds of other oils that won't hold you down, and extracts from plants like algae and nettle. Oh, and the smell is amazing! Trust me, your going to love it. And don't toss your bottles just yet-bring them back to the salon and get them refilled for a fraction of what you paid to buy them new. Or bring them back to get recycled and save some money on your new products. Saving money and the earth-what's not to love??

Hairtalk-the company that created the first tape in extension are innovating the industry yet again! They are the first hair extension company to be carbon neutral by planting trees where it will make the biggest difference. The hair is always ethically sourced from India, and every purchase directly benefits Heart for India.

Joico-dedicated to the "the joi of healthy hair", Joico is my primary hair coilor line. They are committed to helping the planet by reducing their CO2 footprint by using green power in their plants, using 100% recyclable materials in all packaging, and ensuring their suppliers are also committed to reducing the production of CO2 emissions.